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Making My Home Energy Count

Instead of completely ignoring my home energy usage, my wife and I sat down and made a plan for how we were going to cut back. We decided to turn our home thermostat up a few degrees to help with the cooling bill, and we also worked on keeping lights off. It was amazing to see how much of a difference our little changes made. We were able to enjoy a more comfortable home, a more manageable power bill, and a healthier conscience, all because of our little plan. This blog is all about making your home energy count and knowing how to cut your usage.



Exposing Common Myths About Erosion Issues

Landscaping issues can be a particularly serious problem for homeowners to address. Unfortunately, there are many myths and misconceptions that surround landscaping topics. In particular, erosion is often a misunderstood topic among new homeowners. For this reason, you may want to have the following couple of basic erosion myths refuted.

Myth: Erosion Only Causes Cosmetic Issues For Your Yard

There is a common belief among some people that erosion problems will only make it difficult to keep their yard beautiful. While this can be a common side effect of erosion issues, you should be aware that it can also pose a structural threat to your home and driveway. If the soil under the foundation of these structures washes away, it would be possible for driveways to develop extensive cracking and potholes or for your house to become unstable. Additionally, it is possible for yard erosion issues to negatively impact the value of your home as potential buyers may need to consider the costs of addressing the erosion when submitting offers. For these reasons, you will want to ensure that you are addressing erosion issues as soon as you notice them because this particular problem can rapidly worsen as time progresses.  

Myth: Erosion Control Tarps Are The Only Option For Preventing Erosion Where Plants Won't Grow

Plants can be one of the best ways of preventing erosion issues from developing. Unfortunately, it can be common for there to be areas in your yard where plants will struggle to grow. While erosion control tarps can be an effective option for stopping the soil from washing away. These tarps may not be particularly attractive. Luckily, it is possible to achieve similar results by using mulch. Mulch can help to prevent the soil from washing away, and it can help to provide nutrients to the soil. For these reasons, you may want to attempt to place mulch in areas where you are struggling to grow plants, but you will want to apply fresh mulch to these areas every couple of years or if you notice the layer of mulch becoming thin.

Erosion can be a particularly common and damaging problem for homeowners to encounter. However, it can be exceedingly difficult to make sound choices about addressing this issue if you are under the belief that some common myths are true. By understanding the potential damages that erosion can cause as well as the effectiveness of mulch for preventing this problem, you will have more of the information you need to address your yards erosion issues. Talk to a contractor, like Bill's Hydroseed, for more help.