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Making My Home Energy Count

Instead of completely ignoring my home energy usage, my wife and I sat down and made a plan for how we were going to cut back. We decided to turn our home thermostat up a few degrees to help with the cooling bill, and we also worked on keeping lights off. It was amazing to see how much of a difference our little changes made. We were able to enjoy a more comfortable home, a more manageable power bill, and a healthier conscience, all because of our little plan. This blog is all about making your home energy count and knowing how to cut your usage.



Tired Of High Electric Bills? 3 Reasons You Should Switch To Solar

If you're tired of giving your money to the electric company every month and seeing no return on your investment, it's time to switch to solar power. Utilizing the sun to power your home is not only good for the environment, it's good for you. Once the solar panels are installed on your home, you'll be using renewable energy to for all your power needs. Not sure solar panels are for you? Read More 

3 Signs That You Should Have Your Well Water Tested

If you have a well, you might not pay much attention to it when it is working properly. However, this does not mean that it does not need special attention every now and then. For example, it is important to have your well water tested regularly to ensure that it is fully safe for you and your family to drink and use. These are a few signs that it's time to work with a water-testing company to have your well water tested. Read More 

Organize a Neighborhood Trash-Collection Activity for Your Youth Group to Participate in

If you are a youth group leader and are attempting to teach the students who are in your care about the impact that trash has on society and how it can cause the environment to be dirty and unpleasant, organize a trash-collection activity to beautify the community that you live in. The following tips will assist with holding a successful garbage-removal event and may encourage the children to continue doing their part in the future by throwing litter in waste containers. Read More 

Hazards You May Encounter When Remodeling An Older Home

You were excited when you bought that older home, but now you're looking at some significant repairs or remodeling. The techniques and building materials used when the house was constructed may cause you some challenges now. Here are some of the common issues you need to be aware of before you start demolishing any walls in the house for a remodeling project. Asbestos Prior to the 1970s, asbestos was used in home construction. Read More 

How To Test Your Home For Radon

Radon is an odorless gas that will increase the risk of lung cancer and cause damage to human tissue. Unfortunately, radon levels are on the rise in every state. One of the largest challenges of radon mitigation is even knowing that radon exists. The good news is that you can order a radon testing kit in order to perform a test yourself. If you live in an area that has a high amount of radon, you may even qualify for a free kit. Read More